Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Vegetarian Feast!

Though this meal is months away, I am already all a-flutter! On June 13th, I will be having dinner at a local farm, Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery in Champaign, IL. The four to five course meal will feature local and sustainably farmed fruits, vegetables, meats, and the farm's own cheeses. These events, which run from late May to October, are themed around interesting ingredients, such as game meat (bison, venison, quail), or challenges, such as the 100 yards dinner, an "extreme local" meal.

We have selected the "Vegetarian Feast," which will take place in the heart of cherry and currant season, but part of me longs for "The Whole Hog." My love for bacon runs deep (and tests my almost-always-pescatarianism), but more importantly, it would afford me the opportunity to recreate Michael Pollan's closing meal in The Omnivore's Dilemma...minus the actual wild boar killing...and slaughter...and meat carving...and fat rendering...and sausage making...

On second thought, I'll stick to my kale and cauliflower. It will be much easier to kiss the baby goats without grease on my lips.

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