Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faceless love

There exists in the world a cat without a face, and she loves everyone and she just wants to be loved back. And she blogs.

It's really hard to read the blog because Chase uses typical cute-cat speak but then there are these pictures that make you want to scream, "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE NO FACE!!!!!" but then you realize that Chase is here to make us all a little more tolerant.

Here is what Chase said in her first post:
My name is Chase. I am 2 years and 3 months old. When I was 3-6 weeks old, in June 2005, I was hit by a car and left in the road. A young man heard my cries after a few days and came to my rescue. He brought me to the Chevy Chase Animal Clinic and gave the doctors some money to do what they could for me and hopefully find me a home. A new vet tech, Melissa, was working there. The doctors informed her she would get to care for me. She took me in and would take me home at night and on weekends to give me extra care that I needed while I recovered. I ended up having a back leg amputated and over the summer my nose and, eyelids, and skin from my face sloughed off from the trauma of the accident. The wonderful doctors sent me and Melissa to the University of Tenn Vet Hospital for 2 rounds of plastic surgery. Unfortunately neither attempt was successful. I would have to live looking different than my other kitty friends. I adjusted fast and even though I don't have eyelids I can still sleep just fine but I prefer to go to a dark room or under the bed. My caretaker, Melissa, ended up switching jobs and then relocating to a different state. I happily have become her "baby" and she takes care of me still to this day as a member of her family. I need a bit of special attention to keep my eyes in good shape. I get artificial tears applied to them 3-4 times daily, as well as antibiotic drops and steroid drops as needed. I have GREAT vision and love to catch flies and crickets! My face looks pink but it is just tissue and the fur will never grow back. I am NOT IN ANY PAIN! I am a very loving and friendly cat. I love to meet new dogs and cats and really like to lick them. This got me in trouble when I was a clinic cat at the vet's office. Not all the dogs wanted to meet me. But often I would curl up with the sick animals in their cages and keep them company.
This is just an introduction to me and my family. I will try to keep you posted in my daily obsticles and fun filled days as often as possible.
Love and Meows,
Chase the cat
Way to go Chase. What a trooper.

Did people know about this? I feel like this is one of those things people know about and then I find out later and am all worked up about and people are like, chill, we've all known for years. That must be how these isolated Amazonian tribes would feel if they ever were told about the existence of "the rest of the world." Hate to break it to you guys, but we all know each other. And we can fly.

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  1. Okay...I can't deal with this. I know, I'm shallow and my heart is shriveled, but I can't get past the facelessness.


    In fact, I will post something now so as to put this picture further down the page because I am a bad person. Augh.