Friday, April 10, 2009

A tale of free knowledge: James Franco

This concept was inspired by Drew, who is the silent yet pivotal member of this blog team.

So James Franco, while at UCLA, wrote his thesis under novelist Mona Simpson. Mona Simpson wrote Anywhere but Here and is the younger sister of Steve Jobs, but didn't know that until later in life because Steve Jobs was put up for adoption by his then-unwed parents, one of whom is Syrian. Steve Jobs is rumored to have dated Joan Baez, and to have done so solely because she once dated Bob Dylan. He's a big fan. Joan Baez's first act of civil disobedience was refusing to leave the building at Palo Alto Senior High School at age sixteen during an air-raid drill. Another notable alumnus of Palo Alto Senior High School is James Franco.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely played.

    In other news, James Franco is this year's commencement speaker for UCLA. Reason #2057 why my brother will probably skip it.

    While lamer than last year's Bill Clinton (though he DID cancel in support of the worker's strikes), Mr. Franco is still more appealing than a certain mayor of a certain "major" city.