Sunday, April 12, 2009

Around the world in 192 days

Since I'm working for the UN and all, I've decided to embark upon a personal journey of cursory appreciation by devoting 192 not necessarily consecutive days to the member states of this organization. Each will get its own day. I'm assuming this will entail skimming the Wikipedia entry of the day's country, trying to coordinate my outfits with the state's flag, eating the country's food (where applicable), and trying to impress people with little known facts (which I will have picked up from Wikipedia). If I know someone from that country, I may give them a ring (a phone call, not a finger ornament). This will probably last until I get bored, but the beauty of the non-consecutive is that I will definitely finish eventually. Feel free to join me on this tour! Here are this week's targets:

Monday, April 13: Afghanistan
Tuesday, April 14: Albania
Wednesday, April 15: Algeria
Thursday, April 16: Andorra
Friday, April 17: Angola
Saturday, April 18: Antigua and Barbuda
Sunday, April 19: Argentina

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