Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blackouts: a Top Ten list

In military lexicon, a blackout is a tactic used to thwart the enemy, usually consisting of turning off lights and severing communication lines. While this may have been the original concept behind blackouts, now blackouts take myriad forms, from comeback pop albums to really insignificant protests. Here is a totally objective and statistically created top ten.

10. The Battle of Los Angeles
In February 1942, just three months after the U.S. entered into World War II, a UFO sighting caused panic in Los Angeles. Air raid drills were sounded and the entire city was ordered to shut off their lights.

9. Blackout Sabbath
In which Rufus Wainwright encourages everyone to turn off their lights, and in return promises to serenade us all by candlelight.

8. New Zealand's Internet blackout
Protesting a new law that somehow blocks freedom blah blah blah due process of law blah blah blah. Participating websites opted to change their homepages to this for a day. Here's a video that explains it. It's totally annoying. (Kangaroo court...get it?)

7. Britney's Blackout wins three MTV Europe awards. And here I didn't even know this album existed. Guess I survived the blackout...get it?

6. Weird couple has World War II themed wedding, complete with Neville Chamberlain and a blackout.

5. Seismic activity severs tubes which contain the internet and thus causes a blackout in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Taiwan and Pakistan.

4. Crazy Ukrainian teens go on a Clockwork Orange rampage and media blackout ensues.

3. NBC's historic Blackout Thursday of 1994

2. Sirhan Sirhan has "complete mental blackout" when it comes to his assassinating Robert F. Kennedy.

1. New York City blackout inspires beauty in an otherwise kinda mean city.

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  1. Oh, man. Orange advert! I saw this for the first time before...was it Stranger than Fiction? I'm feeling very nostalgic about London; perhaps I will join you when you go? I think I still have my Orange sim card somewhere around here...