Friday, March 13, 2009

Who loves math?


I'm so glad that congress has officially proclaimed tomorrow, March 14, to be National Pi Day. I'm even happier to note that this was debated for a full forty minutes before they even voted on it. It's ok, we all know the economic crises of the future are being thwarted by the promotion of Pi Day today. And how bout that roll call? Proving once and for all that 5 in 86 Republicans hate math.

Anyway, what does one do on Pi Day?

Here are suggestions!

1. Send all your friends (even the Republicans) a Pi Day ecard.
2. Write a Pi-ku.
3. Memorize as much of Pi as you can.
4. Bake and eat delicious pi[e]s! My favorite is pecan.

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

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  1. awesome.

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