Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What constitution?

It's great that Obama is our new pres and all, but since we basically allowed Bush and his cronies to do whatever they wanted for eight years, haven't we set ourselves up to continue to serve under a dictatorship, albeit a currently more benevolent one? Bush's disregard for the constitution doesn't just show what a jerk he was (though that's part of it), it also shows what apathetic, lazy civilians we are.

Now we know that the CIA destroyed 92 tapes which probably recorded torture and that the Bush administration tried to invoke "law" when overriding law. Scott Horton calls this Bush's disposable constitution, but wait, isn't that our constitution? Just because we elected a smart guy president doesn't mean that we've reclaimed anything. So far, it just looks like we are discovering to what extent our rights were trampled on before. Why should we even bother with rights? Let's just wait for Obama to start handing out lollipops...

Anyhow, here's Rachel Maddow's take on it:

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  1. "CIA Director Leon Panetta, in his first meeting with reporters, said the agency will continue to carry out drone attacks on militants in Pakistan. He also said that while CIA interrogations will have new limits, President Barack Obama can still use his wartime powers to authorize harsher techniques if necessary."