Sunday, March 29, 2009

Look into my eyes

Brazilian President Lula blames blue-eyed people for the economic crisis; Maureen Dowd hilariously responds with a history of blue-eyed envy. As she points out, blue-eyed dominance has been waning since she was a child.

More than just a general shift of beauty standards, the decline of the blue-eyed ideal comes also from genetic mixing. Blue eyes are on the decline, as more brown-eyed folks are raising in the ranks, procreating with baby blues, then dominating the recessive blue-eyed gene. It's nice to see that people are becoming more color-blind when it comes to choosing a mate (so long as that mate is also successful and rich). Plus, we should really stop the blue-eyed incest. Turns out we're all related. The comments section in that last link is gold. Blue-eyed racism raises its ugly--er, beautiful--head as people feel the need to point out the beauty of the blue eyes led to their natural selection.

Actually, they say the same thing about blondes. But not everyone agrees. Says some blonde model:
“I don’t think being blonde makes you more ripe for sexual activity. It’s much more to do with personality than what you look like. Beauty is much deeper than the colour of your hair.”
Deep, indeed.

Reminds me something my Swedish friend told me about why Swedish girls are so attractive. Apparently, the story goes that the vikings took all the beautiful girls from England and brought them back to Sweden with them. I guess that also explains why British girls are so unattractive. I keed, I keed.

As for the financial crisis, I think we should blame people with penises. Seriously, if we're going to attack a phenotype, that one catches most of them.

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  1. we can also blame those dern physicists