Saturday, February 20, 2010

Culinary Adventure Society

Imagine a store where everything is delicious and available for sampling. Imagine over two hundred kinds of cheese, vinegar aged one hundred years, marshmallows freshly made on site, breads and meats stacked from floor to ceiling.

Somehow the charm of this little Ann Arbor deli distracted me from the piles of animal legs (whole legs, hoofs included) stacked in one corner. I mean, I saw them, sure, but they did little to put the kibosh on my general state of giddiness and wonder. So much cheese. And they had this dude whose entire job was to be an expert on oil and vinegar. There were six dishes of each sitting out for tasting, with little squares of bread, but then we were informed that the entire store was available for tasting! Vinegar that's in a locked cabinet, worth $250 for eight ounces? Try some! As we were handed our tiny plastic spoons with this vinegar-gold, I prayed that I would like it, or at least that I wouldn't have an instantaneous (and uncontrollable) BLECH reaction. It was sweet. Good, I can comment positively on sweet. But, gracious, $250? They also had jam that costs $50. I will not shop here if go to Michigan.

As for the Countries of the World Project (let's name it, shall we?), I got stuck on Brazil. Guys, bossa nova! So good. Also, I skipped Botswana. I dunno what happened...maybe it's because I started working. Well, Botswana and Brunei something, I will return! I feel like for Botswana I should go to the zoo. Or eat mangoes. I guess this is a premature evaluation, for I haven't even read the wikipedia article yet.

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